House projects

Do you dream of a house, looking for a project Houses? You do it for the first time and do not know where to start?

Step one: the documents of land.

Collect the documents of land ownership. Prepare for the site geodesic – topographic image. If the site is not home ownership, it is necessary to prepare a detailed site plan. Also be carried out investigations of the soil, if it neobhodimymo. In addition, the developer must have a notarized consent of the owners, if the land where the construction pridnalezhit ownership. If you are going to build a building closer than 3 m from the neighbor’s land borders a notarized consent of neighbors. However, consent is required if you plan to fence the area of ​​the fence.

Step two: the connection conditions and special requirements of architecture.

Prior to the development tehnicheskogo project developer must obtain the conditions for connecting the owners of communications and utilities and the municipality to receive special architectural requirements. If you do not know how or do not have time to get these conditions, we recommend these tasks entrusted designer. In the conditions of accession and the special architectural requirements define the basic requirements that must be met for the planned construction.

Step Three: Design

Hire a designer who creates according to your technical problem, the conditions of accession and the special architectural requirements will prepare a technical project. Technical project needs to issue a building permit. The project presents solutions provided by the builder (explanatory part of the project, calculations, drawings) on the design and implementation of the construction as a whole.

Step four: get a building permit.

Building permit issued by the Municipality, which has received an application for a building permit, an electronic version of the project is loaded on the information system construction permits and state supervision of Lithuania, which indicates government agencies that need to check the project’s compliance with the requirements. Currently, the law of the Republic of Lithuania on the construction has 16 facilities in accordance with the competence to check the compliance of the project. Given the fact that the procedure for granting permission to build very complex, we offer this work to convey the designer. Term issue of the document authorizing the building: 20 days for simple buildings, 35 working days for special buildings.

Step Five: construction.

According to the technical design is chosen contractor. Manufacturer sends construction site contractor. Construction work can not contradict the technical design decisions.

Step six: the completion of construction or application of the completion of construction.

After the completion of the building and organized the State Commission shall be drawn completion (for special buildings). When completed, the house builder is a declaration of completion and inspection records in the State Physical Planning and Construction. The act or declaration on the completion of a basis for registration of the real estate registry.

Step Seven: ispolzovanie and maintenance of the building.

Statinio naudojimas ir priežiūra prasideda, užbaigus jo statybą ir tęsiasi iki statinio išregistravimo iš Nekilnojamojo turto registro dienos arba iki statinio griovimo darbų pradžios. Nesudėtingų, taip pat 1-2 butų gyvenamųjų namų ir jų priklausinių bei statinių, esančių kaimo namų valdoje, taip pat žemės ūkio paskirties pastatų techninę priežiūrą gali atlikti patys naudotojai nepaskirdami statinių techninio prižiūrėtojo.

Operation and maintenance of the building begins with the completion of construction and continuing until the day of cancellation of registration with the register of real estate or before the day of the demolition of the building. Simple maintenance, as well as 1-2-apartment houses and their accessories and buildings in rural households, as well as farm buildings can make the user without imposing technical manager buildings.