About us

We – the company on the design of buildings, maintenance, survey measurements, interior design and consulting services focused on the effective solution, saving you time and money. This is a young but ambitious company striving to become one of the market leaders in Lithuania. We aim to make our designs are simple, easy to understand, too, meets all regulations. JSC “EKSPLOIT” successful experience in the field of civil engineering and engineering systems, networks, communications, design and maintenance areas and engaged in the following components of the wholesale and retail trade, construction and installation.

JSC “EKSPLOIT” designs:

  •     Dwelling houses;
  •     Building for production and industrial purposes;
  •     Building agricultural purposes;
  •     The garden houses;
  •     Greenhouses;
  •     Streets and roads;
  •     Water supply;
  •     Inputs of natural gas and petroleum products;
  •     Fences;
  •     Towers for grain storage, drying;
  •     Wind farms;
  •     Solar power;
  •     Lightning protection structures;

Teamed young, but professionals, the company provides qualified and quality services for the design. JSC “EKSPLOIT” construction professionals are well aware of the rules, regulations and standards, for elaboration of the projects meet the requirements of municipal administrations and trained in a short time the project of building permits issued.

JSC “EKSPLOIT” – an innovative and modern company that pays more attention to the improvement of skills and professional knowledge. Our staff will inform and advise you.